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Working Mom VS Stay At Home Mom

Those who know me well, know that my greatest, most valued title in this life is being a mom.  My son, Easton has brought a whole new meaning of love to my husband and me.  When it was time for me to go back to my full time job, I drug my feet.  Not because I didn’t love what I was doing, I sincerely loved my job and was truly valued as an employee where I worked.  The thought of leaving Easton was devastating to me.  I wanted to experience his “firsts” and I thought going back to work meant missing out on so much.  I turned what was supposed to be an 8 week maternity leave into a 14 week maternity leave, and on the 1st day back I cried the entire 30 minute commute there.  My job, again, was wonderful.  I loved the organization, the people, my day to day responsibilities — everything about my job.


Although the days & weeks got easier – I still felt as though my heart was calling me to be home.  In March, I left that job I loved so dearly.  I had made the transition to being home full time with my baby. From March until May my days were filled with playdates, nap times, lots of cuddles, and an occasional day of work assisting, Teresa Easterday.  I found that my days of work gave me energy and purpose.  As June approached, I felt confused.  I didn’t want to miss a moment with Easton, but working made me feel challenged, valued, respected.


After discussing the mix of emotions with close friends and family, I transitioned back to working.  BUT…  In a much different capacity.  I wanted the best of both worlds and decided to run my own business as a Realtor.  My days are filled with playdates, trainings, moms groups, marketing strategy meetings, cuddles, blogging (obviously), and of course more cuddles.  I get to spend my day with Easton & Finley, but also get the rush of crossing things off my to do list.  


My days & weeks aren’t complete without hardships though.  Jumping into a career is a huge transition, let alone starting your own business, and having two small kids at home without help!  Some days are scheduled with more play and less work, and some days are scheduled with more work and less play.  And on occasion you will have days when the schedule is completely thrown out the window, which makes deadlines and goals very difficult.  My family and career are two of the most important things in my life and juggling the two is a challenge I gladly accept daily.  The rewards of making my own schedule and not missing a moment with my child outweigh the struggles and hardships ten times over.  


Having experience as a “working mom”, a “stay at home mom”, and a “business owning mom”, I can tell you, all of these have benefits and hardships, and not one is greater than the other.  Being a parent is the toughest job and I salute all the parents out there supporting their children.

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